Saturday, April 5, 2014

R&R Engaged!!!!

I was pretty excited and nervous about this session.  It was planned many weeks ago when my future brother-in-law (now) wanted this photo session!  
Well we had to wait a few weeks for the weather to warm up a bit - we had it booked for a few weeks ago but it turned out to be a pretty cold morning!  
After knowing about this session I had a dream that I totally missed the shot, not a good dream.  
But when the day finally came I was super excited and think I hid it well cuz Robin didn't notice.
After taking a lot of pictures I got the signal and it happened... and it was so THEM... it was LOVE.

I love these two and can't wait to see them say "I do"

Congrats R&R!

God's blessings as you plan for this special day! 

(I couldn't choose just a few)

This is LOVE.



There is a small delay on the RING...but He asked and She said "YES"

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