Saturday, July 28, 2012


My nephew is out from Ontario for 2 weeks... and lucky me gets to have him for a few days for a sleep over.  Haylee is enjoying having someone to entertain and read too as well. 
So while Mr. E is here I had to take a "few" pictures of this adorable little man. 
He is 4.5 months already... when we went to see him he was just 3 days old, wow does time fly by!

Love him so much!

 He doesn't only do funny faces for his parents!!!

xo. aunt amy

Friday, July 27, 2012


These cuties were so fun to photograph, this little cutie just turned 6 months and was such a good poser!  I love all her facial expressions.  Her big brother (2 years) was so distracted by everything else around him, like most 2 year olds wasn't as interested in getting his picture taken but we got him to sit by his little sister and he did great!

 They are so cute!