Thursday, May 9, 2013



She is one already - she isn't running around yet but I am sure she will figure it out before summer.
I had to add this first picture because that is just who she is... 
She LOVES her momma and if she tries to leave her alone she isn't impressed.
But with her family around she is a sweet happy little girl!
Miss K is a beautiful girl and we love her so much!

Love this one!


This little guy is so cute!
He slept for first part but once he figured out what was going on he wanted to be awake!
His dad is a Fire Fighter and even though he wasn't small enough to scrunch into his equipment (believe me we tried) I think we got a great shot that his Dad and Mom will love!

So squishy!

Big sister LOVE!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This cool little dude is adorable... and my nephew!!! 
He did a great job, looking cool and having a good time letting me take his pictures! 
Hard to believe he is 2 already!

love this one!

 Hugs from his Big Brother!