Saturday, December 1, 2012


Today was so much fun... we have been wanting to do this photo shoot for a very long time.  My sister gets to play dress up and I get to take pictures. WIN WIN!
We were hoping for the falling snow, big flakes you know...
but since that didn't happen we just went out anyways and I think we got some great shots. 
I love you Robin, you are beautiful inside and out!

Love these pictures...

One of my Favourites!

a must for this season!!!

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  1. Okay, I had a quick peek at all the pics on facebook but I finally made time to come check out this post! SO AMAZING!!!!! I love all of them!!!! You did a fabulous job. You have one super cool sister, my fav is the one with the toque and sunglasses. ALSO - have you thought of offering this type of session to all the grads?? (don't you do their group photos?) It's huge down in the states to do 'senior' photography - I think you could make it your 'niche' in Carman!!!!