Friday, March 16, 2012


My little sister had a BABY BOY!!!
We are so excited that Elijah James has arrived. He was 3.5 weeks early and so little but he has been growing so well.
After the surprise phone call my mom and I (with my daughter) jumped in the car and drove to meet this little man in Ontario. We stayed for a week and in that time we saw him grow and become alert at things around him. What a true gift from God this little man is!
I feel so blessed to be his aunt and to be able to capture some imagines for his parents and his family far away so they may all see him too, as you can see it was hard to pick just a few!
We love you to the moon and back Elijah!

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  1. oh my, he's so little and sweet. I'm starting to get baby fever :) (probably a good fever to have, considering my 'condition' haha)